Technology pedagogical content knowledge: A framework for integrating technology in teacher knowledge.

Misha, P., Koehler, M.J. (2006). Technology pedagogical content knowledge: A framework for integrating technology in teacher knowledge. Teachers College Record, 108(6), 1017-1054.

Misha and Koehler introduce a conceptual framework called TPCK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge). This is a framework for the integration of technology into teacher knowledge through training, education, and teachers’ professional development. The authors also provide “an example of a research program that brings together the pragmatic and the theoretical, the practical and the abstract.”

The TPCK framework is an adaptation of Shulman’s (1986) formulation of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). Mishra and Koehler’s framework adds technology to pedagogical and content knowledge interweaving all three sources. The practice of teacher education, teacher training, and teacher professional development is discussed. The article demonstrates and discusses the critical need for a conceptually based theoretical framework about the relationship between technology and teaching. This approach also looks at this need from the perspective that teaching is a complex cognitive skill that is practiced in a dynamic, interrelated and sometimes ill-structured environment.

This is a model that provides not only teachers but schools and colleges with real world application of technology into the teacher’s toolbox. It promotes this integration through a better understanding of the relationship that exists between content, pedagogy, and technology. The practice of teaching only technology skills without providing the needed integration is arcane and TCPK provides the bridge to correct that issue. The framework also gives the researcher a guide to provide updates to training and professional development that will help promote the integration of new advances in technology into the classroom faster, thereby making a concerted effort to keep up with the changes. Keeping up with the students is the ultimate goal.

I have personally promoted the integration of technology into my classrooms for a number of years. The ever changing landscape has actually provided me with no other recourse. Automotive technology drives the field and the advances from gasoline to diesel to hybrid to electric and eventually hydrogen power mean that I cannot stick to a set way of teaching. Online texts, video, animated breakdowns, etc. are the only way to keep up in my field. When you need a laptop computer to troubleshoot a vehicle because of the 20 plus computers that make the vehicle run you have to advance with the technology. TPCK is a much-needed framework to be able to keep up with what those in my specialty must be able to teach today.


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