Understanding the relationship between teachers’ pedagogical beliefs and technology use in education: a systematic review of qualitative evidence

Tondeur, J., van Braak, J., Ertmer, P.A. et al. Education Tech Research Dev (2016). doi:10.1007/s11423-016-9481-2

The authors performed a study using a meta-aggregative approach to synthesize data about teachers’ pedagogical beliefs and the use technology in the classroom. This was performed through an article search that met these criteria. The search was restricted to the period of 2002 to 2012 which produced 77 possible articles for review. The abstracts were studied and the focus had to be on educational beliefs, not general beliefs about ICT.

The analysis included and extraction, categorization, and synthesis of findings. The synthesis was divided into five statements with explanations written and tables describing the findings. Comparisons and relationships are made between pedagogical beliefs and technology use, role of beliefs, professional development, and school context.

The study discusses the potential for a teachers’ pedagogical beliefs to be a barrier to the integration of technology in the classroom. The issue includes an examination of teacher-centered beliefs where teachers do not believe technology is essential to teaching/learning. barriers including such things as time constraints, testing requirements, and rigid schedules. Some students in the articles studied were perceived as not being ready for a constructivist approach to technology in the classroom. It was found that technology could be valuable in the classroom when it aligned with the teachers’ current approach. Professional development was found to not be beneficial to all teachers either. Beliefs need to be changed first.

This study was very interesting and I found it relevant to my own research. I have experienced first hand the lack of belief in technology integration in the classroom. I feel that continuing to integrate, update, revise, and adjust our current teaching methods is a requirement. Todays’ students are more technologically advanced than most of the teachers. They are technology natives and teachers are the learners. Keeping up with students is the only way to ensure they are receiving the best possible education that we as teachers can provide. Teachers beliefs will advance or hinder technology use based on their beliefs. Change will happen, whether teachers are involved or not. this article shows a starting point for change. This is a study that should be completed again, using updated information to see if there is a change taking place.

Possible research idea for the future.


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